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The People's Holistic Clinic

IFCPC Logo.jpg The IFC provides access to holistic health and medicine options through our own clinic and a network of affiliate holistic health practitioners.
As part of our spiritual philosophy we reserve the right and embrace the responsibility of availing ourselves of various alternative health options in conjunction with alopathic medicine. 
We do not recognize any disease as incurable and we hold that a doctor does not cure anything - the body cures itself when in a state of homeostasis. 
We provide access to alternative healing modalities for a variety of imbalances and their symptoms with low cost or no cost options for those who qualify.

ü  Arthritis

ü  Bone spurs

ü  Chronic Bronchitis

ü  Chronic pain

ü  Depression / anxiety

ü  Digestive and GI disorders (including IBD, Crohn’s, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, etc.)

ü  Glandular disorders (Type II Diabetes, thyroid, etc.)

ü  Lyme Disease

ü  Migraines and other headaches

ü  Skin disorders (including acne, psoriasis, eczema, pressure ulcers, etc.)

ü  STDs

ü  Viral Infections (Colds, flu, hepatitis, HIV, etc.)

ü  Weight management 

Visit the IFC People's Holistic Clinic Website for more details at www.peoplesclinic.barbequia.com

Contact Us

To arrange an online or personal consultation, contact us via email at info@barbequia.com.

Please include as much information as you are comfortable with in your email in order to maximize our efficiency in addressing your issue.